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San Gabriel River

San Gabriel River map
View large map of San Gabriel River - North Fork

North Fork San Gabriel River

1. Unexplored.

2. Unexplored.

3. This is the crossing at CR200 at Joppa. Boulders block the trail for automobiles but access by foot is permissible and easy.

4. North Fork crossing at FM 243. This is a high bridge crossing. There are deep cuts along the bank.

5. Unexplored

6. This is the crossing at CR 207. Take CR 207 west for 5.3 miles from US 183. Turn left on CR 236 and continue for another 200 yards. Parking is available on the northeast side of the bridge. Fishing downstream from the bridge is posted and strictly prohibited. This part of the river can be very shallow in the summer months. Bass, perch and catfish are concentrated in the pools.

7. There are two crossings at this point of the river, both leading from FM 3405. The crossings CR 256 and CR 257 both offer good fishing and easy access by foot, or by boat if the river is up.

8. This is the Tejas camp crossing at CR 258. Tejas camp offers primitive camping. Take CR 258 off of US 3405 and park on the far side of the river. This area is excellent in the spring for the white bass running up from Lake Georgetown. Due to the location of the camp, fishing at other times of the year is not recommended.

San Gabriel River map
View large map of San Gabriel River

Main San Gabriel River

1. This is the San Gabriel city park. You will need to make your way to the back of the park for access to the river. Wading is good for the first 1/2 mile downstream; further on would require a float tube. The park is full of bread thieving ducks that can really interfere with fishing. It is not possible to float from here to next point due to the numerous waterfalls and dams.

2. This is a low water crossing just under highway 29. Good parking is available along side of the river. Wade downstream for some outstanding perch and small bass fishing. There are quite a few oddly colored hybrid sunfish downstream that defy identification. Some of the fish are silver with vertical "tiger-stripes". Others are completely silver. If you happen to catch any of these fish, please play them quickly and return them to their homes unharmed. Large carp abound in the deeper holes. This area starts off shallow but becomes deep about 1/4 mile downstream. You'll need a floatation device for the upstream side of the crossing. There are a good number of bass in this area. The catfish on this side of the crossing weigh up to twenty pounds and are plentiful. The ___________ bed and breakfast lies about 1 mile east of the crossing and is on the bank of the river.

3. FM 1600 crosses the river here at Jonah. The water at this point starts to get murky and access is difficult. The fish here are not worth the trouble.

4. CR 366 crosses the river at this point. The water is too deep to wade and it would be difficult to get a boat down to the water due to the steep banks. However; there have been some rather nice bass pulled out of this area. The water clarity tends to be poor here.

5. Highway 95 crosses the river at this point near Circleville.

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