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Llano River map
View large map of Llano River

Llano River

South Llano River

1. This low bridge crosses the river just south of Junction, Tx. Head east on the first street out of town off of U.S. 377 at the Texas Tech University sign. The upstream portion of the river offers most of the best fishing in deep pools. Sunfish are plentiful as well as the occasional small bass. The river runs fast downstream near the bridge but the occasional pool further down offers a few sunfish.

2. Country Road 170 crosses the river here. There is only room for one car to park near the river. This is a good stretch of water near the bridge on the upstream side. Small sunfish and bass are plentiful.

3. This is South Llano State Park. Due to the seasonal protection and hunting of turkey and deer, the river banks are off limits on the downstream side of the river. This varies, so you may want to check with the park rangers. The best fishing occurs on the upstream portion of the river in the grass along the banks. There are quite a few mid size bass and large sunfish on this side of the bridge.

4. This is a private camp just north of Fox Hollow off of U.S. 377. I've never fished here but the area looks great. The camp is owned by Bill Bernard (915)446-3055. Three camp houses, canoes, and some great looking hammoks are available.

5. CR 150 crosses the river here just north of Bailey Creek. There are several good pools on each side of the bridge, but the fish tend to be few and small.

6. U.S. 377 crosses the river here at Ford Canyon. This crossing offers good parking on the shoulder. This open area is often windy. There are large, shallow, pools on both sides of the bridge with good perch and some mid-size bass cruising about. The water becomes narrow and fast downstream.

7. This is the southernmost recommended point on the river as the water is broken downstream. Parking on the shoulder is good. Fishing is good both upstream and down in this highly vegitated area. I've caught bluegill in this area that could swallow a wooly-bugger sideways.

North Llano River

1. RR 260 gives access to the North Llano River at several low water crossings. Fishing is tough here in the warmer months due to the heavy vegetation. The best time to fish the area is in the late winter or very early spring when the before the weeds take hold. Although the area is not posted, I recommend staying in the water due to questions of trespassing. There are quite a few small bass and perch to cast at, but the weeds require playing fish quickly.

2. The Llano crosses under both I-10 and Loop 291 here. There is no wading available on this stretch as the river runs fairly deep and wide with heavy vegetation. Large bass are a possiblility but the visibility is poor.

3. KC274 crosses the river in this pretty area. There are good quantities of small perch in the pools. This is a nice area for a 3 weight rod since the water runs narrow and shallow.

4. FM1674 crosses high above the Llano here. Access is very poor, but there are some nice looking pools downstream.

5. This is another FM1674 crossing. The river gets better here with wider, more even flow and less vegetation. Access, however, is still poor.
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