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Lampasas River Map
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Lampasas River

The Lampasas river is the northern most point in our discussion. Shallow runs and deep pools characterize this river. Smaller creeks constantly feed the river. The water clarity worsens the farther south that you travel and the bottom tends to be sandy. The only close places to eat or buy gas on the northern parts of the river are in Lampasas or Copperas Cove.

1. This is the crossing at CR 105, which turns off of US 281 about 22 miles north of Lampasas. Fishing is prohibited upstream. The downstream side is shallow with deep cut banks. Boat access is not possible at this point due to the steep banks.

2. The river flows under US 281 at this point. The water tends to spread out and remain shallow downstream with fewer pools. The upstream side has several nice pools with small bass and sunfish.

3. RR 1690 crosses the river at this point. While the water tends to be murky at this point, the fishing is good. The upstream side is deeper and holds quite a few bass. The river merges with School Creek about 1/2 mile downstream. Wade up School Creek for a spectacular waterfall that lies about 50 yards from the Lampasas.

4. This is the crossing at RR 580. There are some large sunfish in the deeper holes.

5. This is a pretty crossing at RR 2313 near Kempner. The river meanders through this rocky area creating pockets of still water that hold small bass and sunfish. There are some posted signs on the north side but a local told me that it is to keep campers out. Stay in the river and remain unobtrusive and you should be O.K.

6. US 190 Crosses the river at this point. While the area is posted and fenced, the locals seem to use this area regularly. I have never been brave enough to fish this area.

7. This is the FM 2657 crossing. The only legal access is on the south side of the bridge and is not worth the trouble due to the steep banks.

8. CR 220 crosses Mill Creek about 2 miles west of Maxdale. If you wade down Mill Creek to the north for about 200 yards you will run into the Lampasas. Don't bother casting until you can see the Lampasas. Just take in the scenery. There is plenty of sunfish action just before the Lampasas.

9. A suspension bridge crosses the river here at the East end of CR 220. This area of the river is sandy with deep cut banks. The water tends to be murky here but is an excellent spot for late summer when the rivers are low.

10. The river flows under US 195 near Ding Dong (no kidding this is the name of the town!) There is a foot trail down to the river but I would leave it to the masses of catfisherman that hang around the area.

11. FM 2484 crosses the river at this point near Youngsport. The bridge is very high and the river flows through private property. Not recommended.

12. This is Chalk Ridge falls park below Stillhouse Hollow Dam. Go east on the park road that turns off of 1670 on the south side of the dam. Follow the nature trails that run along the river for some good fishing. The river gets deep after a mile or so. Bring a float tube to the deeper area at the end of the nature trails for bass up to 8 lb.

13. The river flows under I-35 at this point. Although the bottom is muddy, the water is actually quite clear. Access is poor but the fishing is probably the best on the Lampasas with several species of perch and quite a few nice bass.

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