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Blanco River map
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Blanco River

1. This is where the Blanco crosses 281 in Blanco, Tx. The river is dammed about 100 yards down. Fine fishing for medium bass and sunfish here but no chance for a downstream float due to dams.

2. This is the crossing at RR 165 just east of Blanco, TX. Take CR 404 under the bridge. The river is dammed upstream and holds some large bass and sunfish. However, houses line the bank upstream so you must fish from the top of the dam. The best fishing in this area occurs downstream about 200 yards. You may want to continue driving on CR 404 until just before it takes a hard right away from the river. There is good parking here and an excellent start for a wade downstream. Small bass and panfish are plentiful if you sneak along the banks and cast from a distance.

3. CR 405, also known as Tejas Trail, crosses the river about 1/2 mile down FM 2325 from CR 404. Since fishing from the bridge is illegal here, and the land is private property, the best way to fish this area is with a float tube.

4. CR 406, also known as Cox Road, crosses the river about 1 mile down FM 2325 from CR 405. This would be an excellent take out point for a tube float from CR 405. Some of the best fishing on the river occurs between these two points. Wading in this area is very difficult due to posted signs and deep water. If you drive across the low water crossing, just before the no parking sign, you will find the only legal parking spot available in the area.

5. This is the first crossing on CR 407, also known as Chimney Valley Road. Turn south off of FM 2325, about 1/2 mile east of CR 406. This area runs along side of the RR Ranch.

6. CR 407 crosses the river for a second time at this point. It is possible to wade here from the first crossing. It is advisable to ask permission from RR Ranch before fishing this area.

7. FM 181 crosses high above the river at this point. Access is not possible.

8. CR 178 crosses the river here just west of Wimberly. The area has been over-developed and is now quite ugly. The area is not worth fishing. There are several restaurants in the area but I refuse to support the destruction that over-development has caused here.

9. CR 174 crosses the river here. The Little Arkansas campsite is adequate but not really a family type setting during the summer months. There are a couple of low water crossings on the way to the park that are heavily used by locals. This is a good area when the weather cools off and the crowds clear out.

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